What flowers will I receive?
We hand-pick the happiest, unique flowers for our customers and develop a new style each week for our Weekly Harvest Box. We also have a Seasonal Harvest Box too. We then individually prepare each bunch, wrapped them in recycled coffee sacks and style them in our specially designed, signature harvest box – and deliver to homes and offices in Sydney. We’re a super open-minded bunch of people so if you have any ideas that you’d like to share, we’d love to hear, email us at

I know nothing about flowers or flower arranging! What do I do with them?
When creating arrangements for your home, it’s best to keep it simple and not over complicate things. For tips on creating an arrangement for home, check out our feature article in MyDomaine Australia



How do The Fresh Flower Project deliveries work?
Place your order and make payment online.
> Flower Harvest Boxes
We do same-day delivery and you can also order and pay in advance.

> Regular Deliveries
 Our delivery day is Wednesdays. If you order before 5pm on a Tuesday your order will be included in that week’s delivery. If not, we will add you to the following week’s delivery.
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We deliver fresh flowers Sydney wide. Please see our Location page for areas we deliver to.

Do you charge for deliveries?
We offer same-day delivery in Sydney. For delivery and location information please go to that page for details.

Where do you deliver?
We delivery fresh flowers Sydney wide. If your suburb does not go through, please contact us to see if we can cater your request.

Do you deliver to PO Boxes or apartment?
We do not deliver to PO boxes, you will need to have a residential, office or business address.

Secure Buildings
Please be advised, any deliveries to secure buildings need to include a recipient phone number and delivery instruction on the order notes. If the recipient is not home &/or cannot be reached and the package cannot be left securely the driver will not leave the order.

There will be an additional charge for a re-delivery.

Office buildings
Deliveries to secure office/work buildings will be left with reception or building manager. We cannot accept responsibility for flowers which are not picked up or recipients who are not informed by reception.

We are unable to provide a time for specific time for delivery and cannot re-deliver. We guarantee that it will be the same-day. Our flowers are usually delivered between 11am & 4pm, however we cannot guarantee the delivery times of orders. Flowers may be delivered up to 5pm on the delivery day.

Don’t the flowers get damaged? What happens if I’m not satisfied?
Our unique packaging means that your flowers are protected throughout their journey. However, in the unfortunate incidence that you are not 100% satisfied with your flowers please get in touch with our friendly team.

I want to share this with my friends and family! How do I tell them about it?
Wow, thanks. You can like/follow us on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram and tell your friends and family about us. We are super appreciative when people spread the word 🙂

I really like your service and would like to write a review! 
That would be absolutely amazing! Feel free to write reviews for us on our Google page, by typing The Fresh Flower Project into Google search. You’ll see on the right hand side an area to write a review, and Facebook is also great.

How can I cut down on waste from your packaging?
Our boxes are recyclable! Please recycle them to cut down on waste or if you are a Regular Delivery customer, you can give us your box when we deliver your next order. Also as we use recycled coffee sacks, you can come up with creative ways to re-use these! #thefreshflowerproject all your photos!



How are your prices so much lower than other florists’ prices?
We have lower costs than many florists and pass the savings on to our customers. By offering prices lower than most competitors’, we hope more people will enjoy the beauty of having flowers in their environments, and the creative process of arranging them. We use honest pricing and don’t overcharge.

How do I pause or cancel my Regular Flower Delivery order?
We understand that you may want a break from receiving your regular flower delivery orders. We just need to know by 5pm on the Tuesday, the night before your Wednesday deliver is due. We’d hate to see your flowers stay in their box for several days while you’re on holiday, for example. If you wish to cancel or suspend your regular flower deliveries please email us or log on to your account on our website. Email website

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit and debit cards.

I’d like to order from Overseas but I’m not sure how
We accept orders from overseas, please progress through checkout. If any problems, get in touch.

Are payments on your site secure?
Yes. We work with Stripe to make shopping online safe and secure. All credit and debit card information is held securely by Stripe. No card information is held or accessible by our team.

When do you charge by bank card?
Your card will be charged for your first flower harvest box when you place your initial order. For regular deliveries you will be charged at the frequency that you have selected.

Thanks for ordering with us!
The Fresh Flower Project team x