Wrapped In Original & Recycled Coffee Sacks

We created a sustainable way to wrap our floral ingredients inside our Flower Harvest Boxes with reused hessian coffee sacks, donated from Specialty Coffee Roasters, Toby’s Estate. We don’t believe in cellophane or any other unnecessary extras! The coffee sacks which are all different patterns and textures, are beautifully stamped in the country of origin, giving the coffee beans that were inside and grown with love & pride by the farmers, an expression of individuality. The sacks have their own individual story, travelling from the other side of the globe, we recycle them (save from land fill!) and they are a special part of our unique offering.

Creatively Packaged

Our Harvest Boxes are a new and unique way to send and receive flowers. The flowers arrive creatively styled inside our signature Harvest Box – we mostly use unique floral ingredients (mostly native flowers) and ensure they are different to what you would normally expect.

Minimal Waste

Most Australian’s aren’t aware that there is a ton of waste in the flower industry. Our concept of designing one beautiful arrangement each week (plus one seasonal style each quarter!), instead of offering hundreds of options for the sake of it, helps us minimise the wastage and simplifies choice. We buy and use what’s fresh that day, and let the flowers enjoy time with our lovely customers instead of the garbage man. Once we sell out, that’s it.

Designer Quality

Yep, you’ve got it. We have qualified, flower-loving superstars creating each style just for you! We create a weekly design using the most beautiful, unique seasonal flowers available. We also have our seasonal collection which we change with the seasons. We choose not to have a dozen single variety stems, cut the same height, bunched and wrapped in more cellophane. We design with love and it shows in each and every delivery.

You Get What You See

What you see is what you get. The pictures shown is what you’ll receive. We don’t bring in professional photographers to take fancy photos that look completely different than the ones you, or your recipient, will receive. Our collections speak for themselves. No fancy technology required!

Giving Back

From the very beginning we’ve wanted to incorporate the concept of ‘giving and receiving’ into the business in a way that benefits the community and inspires positive change – which is why $1 from every harvest box sold, goes to charity to help individuals who need it most.

Simple Ordering

Simply jump online and a few minutes later, your order’s through to one of our team, complete and on the way to you! We know you don’t want to spend your entire lunch hour sorting through hundreds of different options, which is why we’ve created a super quick ordering process, so you can enjoy time doing more of the things you love!

Same-day delivery

Order and receive that same-day. Pretty cool right? We love being so easily accessible online. We’ve worked extra hard to ensure your flowers arrive fresh and perfectly bundled the same day that you place your order online. And if they’ve sold out for that day? Simply order for the next day.

Recycled Coffee Sacks donated by Toby's Estate Coffee Roasters

Toby’s Estate are specialty coffee roasters. They don’t just like coffee, they love and live for coffee. Every minute of every day. Their story started in the coffee plantations of Brazil, Guatemala and Colombia, where founder, Toby Smith learnt to grow, roast and cup coffee at the source. Inspired by what he had learnt, Toby returned home and converted his mum’s garage into a roastery and got to work mastering the art of speciality coffee roasting. In 2001, Toby moved out of his mum’s garage and the first Toby’s Estate Café, Espresso School and Roastery was opened in Woolloomooloo, Sydney. A loyal crowd of coffee enthusiasts soon flocked to the café and Toby’s Estate as we know it today was born. 12 years later, the founding intrepid spirit to push boundaries is still strong and the dedication to coffee craftsmanship & respect for the coffee growing communities continues to unite the entire Toby’s Estate team. Today, Toby is joined by over 100 passionate coffee enthusiasts at Toby’s Estate Coffee, who are united under the common goal to honour the work of the specialty coffee farmers and to roast and serve the best quality coffee possible. Toby’s commitment to social, ethical & environmental issues remains a strong focus among the entire team. And we are proud to partner with a company which is focussed on sustainability.